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Who Created Java?

In the early nineties, Java was created by a team led by James Gosling for Sun Microsystems. It was originally designed for use on digital mobile devices, such as cell phones. However, when Java 1.0 was released to the public in 1996, its main focus had shifted to use on the Internet. It provided more interactivity with users by giving developers a way to produce animated webpages . Over the years it has evolved as a successful language for use both on and off the Internet. A decade later, it’s still an extremely popular language with over 6.5million developers worldwide.

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Ideas Included in this web Site

The best concepts which came during development of java projects are included here. Every java developer come across these concepts while developing a java project in big or small MNCs.

Concepts which are very commonly used in live java project sometimes become roadblock for developers and developers start searching the solutions here and there in the internet, sometimes 

they are able to find the exact solutions they are searching for, sometimes they find similar concepts and try to incorporate and modify them to get their required solutions implemented in the live project.

Here we have tried to provide developers the maximum number of concepts/solutions which are most often required in a live java project. Since now-a-days scripting language are also used every where with java projects, Some scripting languages concepts are also available here to get familiar with them. Additionally we have added database concepts which are almost every where required for a java developer.

Current contents of the whole site is not complete, There will be more additions  of concepts/solutions day by day so that each Member of the team will get benefitted eg. from programmer, Designer to Architect. 

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